On September 12, 2022, the extraordinary meeting of the “Mental Health Awareness Initiative” NGO (the Initiative) approved the code of conduct of the Initiative.

Below we present a number of the most important principles by which the Initiative is guided.

The code of conduct of the Initiative defines values and principles of activity, rules of conduct of members of the Initiative, volunteers, employees and advisors, employees of legal entities formed by the Initiative, as well as members and employees of separate departments and institutions created by the Initiative (the Associate/s), management of conflicts of interest, responsibility for their violations and other issues related to relations arising from the code of conduct.

The purpose of the code of conduct is to direct them to be guided by the adopted values and principles of the Initiative.

The Initiative’s mission is to promote mental health awareness, mental health well-being and mental health care accessibility by providing advanced knowledge, communicating mental health’s critical role, fostering supportive environments and eliminating stigma.

The values of the Initiative are transparency, justice, legality and democracy, solidarity and integrity, exclusion of discrimination, aspiration, courage and leadership, conscientiousness, and accountability.

The activity of the Initiative, with the most effective implementation of funds, is aimed directly or indirectly at the realization of its statutory goals, guided by democratic values.

The Initiative operates on the principle of participatory management, encouraging the involvement of employees in the decision-making process and guaranteeing the transparency and accountability of the decisions made.

To achieve its mission and statutory goals, the Initiative can receive material and monetary resources, services and other types of support, including from organizations, as long as the activities of these organizations do not contradict the values and principles of the Initiative.

The Initiative refuses the support that may lead to limiting the independence of its activity.

The funds of the Initiative cannot serve the narrow personal interests of any Associate.

The Initiative is open to partnerships that can contribute to the achievement of the Initiative’s statutory goals.