Past Projects

Below are some of the Mental Health Awareness Initiative’s implemented projects.

Talks on Mental Health

The “Talks on Mental Health” series is broth to you by Mental Health Awareness Initiative. We bring affiliates, providers, scholars, and advocates from across the globe to talk about important and emerging mental health issues dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and exploring contemporary mental health challenges. About our speakers Eduard Margarit is currently the more Talks on Mental Health

Meditation: Antidote of Stress

Series of meditation workshops titled “Meditation: Antidote of Stress” by Mental Health Awareness Initiative and Arina Healing Body Soul, Inc. This project is open to everyone who wishes to reduce stress, establish inner balance, build awareness, and continue rediscovering a better self for the benefit of all. Our certified meditation teacher in Veda traditions and more Meditation: Antidote of Stress